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Egypt authorized to purchase some twenty CH-47F Chinook helicopters

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) reported that the U.S. State Department has authorized the possible sale of 23 Boeing CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopters to Egypt.

According to the press release issued by DSCA, the package offered to Egypt has a potential value of $2.6 billion, and would include:

23 CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopters
56 T-55-GA-714A engines (6 spares)
52 INS/GPS navigation systems (6 spares)
29 AN/AAR-57 self-defense systems (6 spares)
75 M-240 machine guns (69 installed and 6 for spares)
Without specifying quantities, the document also mentions the provision of AN/APR-39 radar warning receivers, AN/AVR-2B laser illumination detectors, encrypted radios, AN/ARN-147 high frequency VOR/ILS equipment, AN/APN-209 radio altimeters, AN/AVS-6 night vision equipment, 7.62mm ammunition, and several other items, such as Bambi fire buckets for firefighting.

The Chinook has been selling quite well in recent years. This photo shows an F model received by the Armed Forces of the Netherlands.
As is customary in this type of agreement, the costs of simulators, software maintenance, training, logistical support, transportation, spare parts, and modernization of the Egyptian facilities to accommodate the Chinooks were also contemplated.

The prime contractor will be Boeing Helicopter Company, Philadelphia, PA.  There are no known proposed offset arrangements in connection with this potential sale.

The Egyptian Armed Forces have in their inventory a large number of assault and transport helicopters of all types, including 19 CH-47D Chinook and several dozen medium helicopters of Russian/Soviet and European origin.

The future addition of some twenty CH-47s of the latest model will only reinforce the Egyptian Air Force’s already very significant vertical lift capability.

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